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Sewing for 18" Dolls - How Hard Can It Be?

Updated: Apr 22, 2018


In colonial times virtually all teachers were men. By 1850 a majority of the nation's teachers (particularly in the Northeast and Mid-west) were women. The 'feminization of teaching,' as this trend has become known, continued through the early twentieth century, by which time roughly four out of five teachers were women.

The Skirt and Blouse were made using the Hint of History pattern ( Victorian Walking Ensemble Pattern#304 which can purchased online and downloaded to your printer. The fabric used for the skirt is a nubby textured cotton (somewhat like homespun), the blouse is made of a white textured polyester.

The Lined Vest is made of a cotton velveteen upholstery remnant, lined with the skirt fabric. The simple two piece vest pattern was made by cutting and fitting pieces of parchment paper to the doll repeatedly, until a good fit was found.

The Large Bow was made with one large and one small rectangle of fabric. A large hair clip is sewn to the underside,

Not visible are:

The full length half slip made of black dotted-Swiss trimmed with one inche of black embroidered cotton.

The black boots/shoes with several buttons up the side were purchased from a vendor in the US who sells on eBay. (I have found that purchasing doll shoes from vendors in China can be very disappointing; and now wait for US vendors on eBay to put them on sale.)

The glasses were purchased from a US vendor on eBay.

The Pointer was made from the wooden pole that came with a hand-held American flag.

Both doll and outfit have found a home with a wonderful 21st century grade school teacher.

Hope to see you next week . . .

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